NAMA Status Reports
Nov 2017 NAMA Status Report 2017
May 2017 NAMA Status Report 2017: mid-year update
Nov 2016 NAMA Status Report 2016
May 2016 NAMA Status Report 2016: mid-year update
December 2015 NAMA Status Report 2015
June 2015 NAMA Status Report 2015: mid-year update
December 2014 NAMA Status Report 2014
December 2014 NAMA Status Report 2014: Summary
June 2014 NAMA Status Report 2014: mid-year update
November 2013 NAMA Status Report 2013
June 2013 NAMA Status Report 2013: mid-year update
November 2012 NAMA Status Report 2012
May 2012 NAMA Status Report 2012: mid-year update
Support for NAMA Development
Lessons learnt in NAMA Development
March 2018 What happened to all the NAMAs
March 2018 Closing the gap between finance and climate mitigation actions
May 2017 The role of the private sector in NAMAs - Summary of Roundtable Dinner
Januari 2017 Connecting multilateral climate finance to mitigation projects - A guide to the multilateral climate finance landscape of NAMAs
November 2016 How can Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) benefit from the Climate Finance experience of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)? - Summary of Roundtable Dinner
March 2016 NAMAs from the perspective of developing countries
January 2016 NAMA Development and Stakeholder Engagement
November 2015 NAMAs and INDCs Interactions and opportunities
May 2015 NAMAs in a World of INDCs
March 2015 NAMAs and Development Assistance (update)
May 2014 Insights on NAMA development – MitigationMomentum Phase 1
June 2013 Measuring, Reporting and Verifying Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action
May 2013 An overview of current NAMA guidance
August 2012 Financing Supported NAMAs